Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Openni Tracker with ROS

I have read on many posts that guys sometimes have problem using the openni_tracker, to me also it appeared at first that openni tracker is not working properly or something. There are few things to keep in mind.
Openni_tracker will not show anything except console messages, like Calibration started, Tracking started. To visualize the tracker run rviz. And add TF.
TF transforms will not be published until the program has started tracking the user. Openni_tracker works fine if the camera can see the whole body or till knees at least.

Kinect Driver and Samples Installation on Ubuntu 11.04

Nice tutorial for the drivers installation on Ubuntu


  1. Hi Tayyab,

    I have openni tracker running and can see messages being published on /tf using rostopic echo /tf. But I am unable to see the skeleton on rviz. Can you give some details on how to add TF to rviz. I mean I can see TF in rviz but I need to know what topic to subscribe. TF does not appear in the topics there.

    1. Hi Latif,
      If you can see published poses in console , they should also be visible in RVIZ. Make sure you are adjusting the right FrameID in RVIZ at the top 'openni_depth_frame' given that they are published under this parent.

      Hope it helps.